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IntelliJ IDEA 9 Beta is released

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

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Good news for all who use IDEA. JetBrainsĀ announcedĀ that anybody can download and try their IDEA 9 Beta.

Some new features:

  • Faster Environment
  • Improved Code Understanding
  • Cleaner, More Productive Coding
  • More Efficient User Interface
  • More Flexible Project Structure
  • Preliminary Java 7 Features Support
  • Java EE 6 Support
  • Improved Groovy support
  • Extended Polyglot Arsenal
  • New Web Frameworks Support
  • OSGi Application Development
  • Enhanced Maven Support
  • Android Development
  • Better JavaScript and HTML
  • Flex Development
  • Context Management
  • UML Support
  • Version Control Integration

IntelliJ IDEA goes in open-source

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

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This news present in every news portal and in every blogs. Yes IDEA now is in open-source.
There are 2 versionsĀ Community Edition and Ultimate Edition.

Editions comparison page here.

Really bad that Android support will be only in Ultimate Edition.

Also JetBrains promote their IntelliJ Platform.

IntelliJ Platform – is a platform for building smart, language-aware IDEs with a comprehensive set of components.

For details of this really good news visit

Community site and also home site