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Thinking in Java 4-th edition Book Recommendation

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I have a rule. If I want to learn something new I always read article in style “Hello, World”, after that I read one book and last one I read documentation.

I search book about technology by recommendations, reviews and etc.

When I starting developing in Java I founded a lot of books, but many of them gave me only basic knowledge, which I couldn’t applied in real-life application development without teacher.

My friend recommended to me Bruce Eckel’s book called Thinking in Java second edition. I asked him why this one? Is this book better then other? I received answer which I always repeat when people ask me the same question. In the world you can find a lot of books about Core Java development, but this one is the complete book. It is true 🙂

After reading this book I got a deeper knowledge in Java programming.

This book represents hands on tutorial and manual about Java. I always buy new edition of this book.

I want to recommend it to all who want to know more about Java by reading only one book. After reading this one you will be an expert in Java. And you will create real-life applications without any problems.

In my opinion this book is in category “must have“.

You can find more details here.

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